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Northern Siamese & Oriental Cat Society Show Results 2019, 52nd Championship Show

Overall Best Exhibit in Show IGRCH Whisker Van Scalindjo

Oriental Cinnamon Adult

Owned by Mr William Holdsworth


Best in Show Results



Female Adult -  IGRCH METAXA DAENERYS (SIA c) owned by Mr P Kilmartin (Overall Adult)

Male Kitten - TINTALLY FANTABULAS (SIA n21) owned by Mrs S Hocken (Overall Best Kitten)

Female Kitten - TINTALLY TIMEWILLTELL (SIA n 21) owned by Mrs N Palmer

Male Neuter - IGRPR ALDERSTAR INTERSTELLAR (SIA em) owned by Dr E Millan (Overall Best Siamese)

Female Neuter - IGRPR STYPERSON MI-LUCYLIU (SIA n) owned by Mrs L Ramscar




Male Adult - IGRCH WHISKER VAN SCALINDJO (OSH o) owned by Mr W Holdsworth (Overall Oriental & Best in Show Exibit)

Female Adult - CH LEXSAM MOO-VE OVER DARLING (OSH n 03) owned by Mr J & Mrs V Shelton

Kitten - WICCANWAYS DJINN-N-JUICE (OSH k 03) owned by Miss J Turner)

Female Neuter - IGRPR ALDERSTAR SUPERNOVA(OSH k)owned by Mr W McCormack Best Neuter)

Male Neuter - CH METEXA RHINESTONE COWBOY (OSH m 24) owned by Mr P Kilmartin




Pedigree Pet - OBIGMC RUPERT owned by Mrs P Kidds - Overall BIS HHP

Non Pedigree - GMC GABRIEL owned by Dr E Milan


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