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Mr C Dryden 2012

What a lovely show this is – although I am on the committee of this club and naturally I am biased I really do think we can put on a lovely show. Alice and Sharon were at the helm and with the committee around it was a lovely and well run show with lots of quality cats. I was very lucky to have the help of Joan Pounds who made my life easier and was super company as well thanks again Joan lets repeat soon.

Lilac Point Siamese Adult Male
1st CCBOB Roysterer Winter-Knight 24C 9 m 3 W
Very handsome youngster who was a smidge shy at first but soon blossomed with some coaxing. Only young but very well grown and showing good masculinity already. Medium wedge with large well set ears and strong profile with firm chin and level bite Good top with oriental eyes of a mid blue with good expression.Mid lilac points with clear contrast to his beautiful coat which was a super texture and length and groomed to perfection. Long elegant limbs with whip tail that needed an inch for ideal balance. Overall a handsome cat with style that was a lovely start to the day.

Lilac Point Siamese Female Adult
1st CC W/H Ikishiroo Minimayhem 24c 1yr  5 months
Dear little soul who looked more like a kitten the a female cat of her age, she was also quite shy and was far happier in her pen. Short wedge with largish ears that were held rather too high. Rather full eyes of a mid blue but rather unoriental in expression. Tiny dip to profile with firmish chin and level bite. Dainty limbs and petite paws all in a slightly dark lilac to her points and her coat although clear was slightly long and a bit open. She really just had rather too many faults to warrant the certificate on the day. Sorry

Caramel Point Siamese Kitten (6-9) Months
1st BOB Sensual Tinkertaylor 24n 6m 3 W
Pretty lady of good type with a medium  wedge with large well set ears and good top almost straight profile with firm chin and level bite  Oriental eyes of a just acceptable blue. Long strong elegant body with fine limbs and whip tail. Good brownish tones to her lilac based caramel points that are developing. Clear coat of good colour and texture. Sweet natured girl presented well.

Red Point Siamese Female Kitten (3-6) Months
1st Hydinisy Hera’s Gold F 32A 4 M 3 W
Huge strapping young miss of  good overall type very large ears that she can flatten but they have a good width at base. Straight set eyes of a dullish blue. Slightly uneven profile with firm chin and scissor over bite. Long strong elegant body with huge paws and long whip tail to balance and rounded off by lovely clear vibrant red points. Her coat was a super texture and clear and she was presented in super condition. She has some really endearing features but rather unbalanced on the day.

Red Point Siamese Female Kitten (6-9) Months
1st BOB Riobelle Northern Lighths 32A F 8m 1 w
Petite Lady of very good type and style, lovely face on with large flared ears set well on head with almost straight profile with slightly shallow chin and level bite. Oriental eyes of medium blue with lovely expression. Long slender body with tiny spoon paws and elegant limbs super coat for texture and colour just a shade long. Pretty lady of lovely style who needs a growth spurt congratulations on Best Female Kitten.

Oriental Bi Colour Male Neuter
1st PC BOB Sensay Sorbet and Cream 48 38F MN 1yr 2 M
Handsome boy who looks better and better, Medium wedge with large well set ears with good width on top. Super shape to his eyes although I would prefer a deeper green they do have a lemon tone, and this certainly does not detract from his lovely glowering expression. Almost straight profile with firm chin andlevel bite. Long strong and very well grown body with elegant limbs and dainty paws for a boy. Super coat for quality of texture and opattern her displays well over the minimum 1/3 white and most of the areas are clear from feathering with some evident on his back but only a small amount clear white through his underneath his cream spotting is even in colour and the spots are better on his left. He is a super boy, was pleased to see him Best in Show Neuter





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